Domain & Hosting

What is the domain & hosting for creating website ???




What is SEO?

If we need anything, then search Google. Then Google shows the results of many sites in that regard. Then we see those results in the first 1-2 pages, from those results. We do not see the rest of the results. In this, the visitors of the first 1-2 page will be more. Now the question is, why these sites are available for thousands of sites at first. Why did not the rest come? The reason for this is SEO. Now the process of bringing your site to the first 1-2 pages in all these sites – that is SEO’s work.

Why is SEO done?

SEO is the easiest way to increase your website’s visitor. The visitor is the life of the website. The website, without the visitor, has no value for the website. There are billions of sites in the world. It is impossible to remember so many sites. So, if we need anything, we can help the search engine. For example, if we need to download games, then we can search by “Game Download” in Google. Then, Google shows results of many of our sites. Then, we have seen the first 1-2 pages from those sites. If you can bring your site to Google’s first page once, then you do not have to worry about the visitor. So, your site is Google’s. SEO to get to the first page .